A Blockchain based MMO Strategy Kingdom Builder using Cryptocurrency to reward players with a significant real world income

About Us

A MMO strategy game fueled by a cryptocurrency called Light. Ownership of in-game properties results in a real and significant residual income. Players must work together to avoid being destroyed by NPCs.

Players may attack one another and steal digital estates (worth real money) from each other. Players are encouraged to fight over contested resource locations that give a real-world daily income to the players controlling the locations.

New players spend Light to obtain a village in a territory of their choosing. Most of the village buildings can be upgraded with in game resources that are accrued automatically over time. Some upgrades require Light and another premium resource; Mana.

Currency spent on in-game upgrades is redistributed to the players village, to contested locations across the world, and taken out of circulation.

By upgrading their village, players earn a ever increasing daily payout of Light and Mana, two premium cryptocurrencies in the game with a real world exchange value.

Players may control any number of villages. Additionally, advantages are granted to those that control the majority of a territory or a region. Large tribes of players can form countries and create laws and taxes.

Dark Portals spawn randomly across the land and threaten to destroy nearby players if left unchecked. Players must strategically allocate resources to defend from Dark Portals and other players while fighting over contested locations.


Blockchain Real-Estate with Real Revenue

Player Owned Estates generate a daily payout in two Cryptocurrencies. More developed Estates produce a higher payout.

Earn a automatic, stable and secure 30%+ annual return by investing Light into in-game properties. Earn from 100%-500%+ annual return by defeating other players and controlling contested locations.

Property and player information in this game is stored on the Light Blockchain. This ensures your digital properties are completely safe from being hacked.


Dark Portals spawn constantly across the land. Each Portal Constantly Summons forth new monsters that attack nearby players.

It is up to you and your allies to defend yourselves and destroy the portals, before they grow strong enough to threaten you.

Portals that grow strong enough can corrupt Player Villages. Players lose access to any villages that become corrupted.

Dark Portals can Corrupt entire Regions.


Locations across the world give a daily payout to whomever controls each location. Players are encouraged to fight over these locations.

Players must very carefully balance competition with surviving against the constant threat of the Dark Portals.

Players may also attack each other. Villages can be stolen, but never destroyed.

If players allow greed to overcome them, they risk losing everything they have invested.